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Pregnancy & Birth Support Perth

Just like pre-conception care, pregnancy support is very important to ensure the well-being of the mother and her growing baby. During pregnancy, the demand on the woman’s body should not be underestimated. As her blood volume increases, so do the nutritional demands for sustaining the baby and the mother. All of the woman’s organs have to work harder: lung and heart pumping capacity increases, the liver and the kidneys have to work harder at eliminating waste from both of them! Also, the baby relies fully on the mother’s diet and nutrient intake for healthy growth. This is why it is crucial to ensure that diet and nutrition during pregnancy are absolutely optimal in order to avoid nutritional deficiencies and subsequent problems. As a part of your pregnancy support program, we will advise on a nutrient dense diet to support both you and the baby, as well as prepare a lifestyle advice to ensure that you make the best of this precious journey and keep in best possible health.

In addition to supporting your body nutritionally, our role is also to address any health conditions that may arise during pregnancy. Unfortunately, pregnancy can bring on many ailments and these can include nausea, fatigue, constipation, muscle cramping, heartburn, fluid retention, hypertension, insomnia, gestational diabetes, back and pelvic pain, haemorrhoids among others. Thankfully, natural medicines can provide a safe and effective relief to these conditions.

When it comes to preparing for birth, there are many naturopathic tools available to assist you. We can advise you on herbal remedies and supplements, as well as other modalities (such as acupuncture, relaxation, reflexology and massage) that can help you with speeding up the birthing process. Certain herbs work wonderfully in improving uterine muscle tone, softening the cervix, balancing the hormones and even helping with the milk supply immediately after birth.


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