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In-Clinic Tests Perth

The following In-Clinic tests are included in your initial consultation at no extra cost. Please note that most of these tests cannot be performed on children.

in-clinic test perth wellness clinic perth blood tests and analysis
  • Urine Analysis- proteins, glucose, ketones, blood cells and other indicators
  • Bio-Impedance Body Composition- measuring muscle, fat, water distribution and visceral fat category
  • Blood Pressure, oxygen saturation and pulse reading
  • Nail, tongue, skin and hair analysis
  • Zinc Status
  • Iridology Reading (usually done during the first follow-up appointment)



Wellness & Health Clinic Perth

The following additional tests are available at your initial or follow-up appointment at a cost of $15 each:

iridology perth natural fertility perth naturopathic clinic
  • Urine Heavy Metal Toxicity – a urine test that can detect presence of certain heavy metals in the urine.


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