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All-inclusive health programs are a great way to start your health journey.

We offer 4 health packages that present an amazing value:


Gentle Detox – for those people who want to jump-start their health and get an immediate benefit of feeling better, lighter, more focused and more energised. It is focused on optimising your body’s natural detox pathways. 

Price: $499 (60-90 days in length)

Sleep Secrets – for people who may be struggling with sleep, either in quality or quantity. The program provides natural remedies, as well as diet and life-style modifications that are meant to improve your sleep and therefore your wellness in general.

Price: $499 (60-90 days in length)

Energy Restore – if you are struggling with fatigue and find your days are too long, too tiring and you just have to push yourself to do anything – this package is for you! The program will provide you with tools and remedies to improve your overall energy levels and help you gain the vitality you are longing for.  

Price: $399-$599 (depending on length of treatment – 60 or 90 days)

Weight-No-More – if those extra kilograms are stopping you from enjoying your life, from feeling good about yourself or from feeling your best – time to shed them off, naturally! No shakes, no starving, no spending your life in the gym – just well tested nutraceuticals, herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle changes that you can actually sustain.

Price: $599 – $999 (depending on length of treatment – 90 or 120 days)


                    Each package includes the following:

  •                             Initial and follow-up consultations (number of consultations depends on the program chosen)

  •                             Eating Plans and Recipes Ideas

  •                             Information Sheets

  •                             Nutraceutical and Herbal Remedies


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