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Here are some of the questions you may have about Blossoming Vitality Natural Health Clinic or naturopathy in general:

Q. Are consultations covered by private Health Funds?

I am registered with all major health funds. Please check with your health fund if you are eligible to claim for Naturopathy services as this depends on your level of cover.

It is recommended that you call your health fund to determine your entitlements before your appointment.


Q. Can I still see my GP and see a naturopathic practitioner at the same time?

Many people choose to build a healthcare team around themselves made up of many different healthcare providers. I will be happy to work with your GP to ensure you receive the best health care possible and maximize your health outcomes.

As Naturopaths, we are not primary medical care providers and cannot treat medical emergencies or prescribe/alter medications. It is therefore important to keep your general practitioner aware of any naturopathic treatments you are currently undertaking, in order to avoid disagreement with allopathic treatments, procedures or prescriptions.

In cases where mainstream medical care is received or procedure undertaken, I can help you before and after your procedure to minimize discomfort, speed healing and shorten recovery time.


Q. How long will my treatment take?

This depends on many things.  Remember also that naturopathy focuses on treating the person, not the symptoms. In most cases, it has taken your body years to develop a medical condition or illness, so it would be fair to expect to take some time to make you feel better. It takes time to learn how to take care of your body, mind and spirit – thankfully I am here to provide you with the right tools to do it.

In some cases, especially with acute conditions (such as cough), results can be achieved relatively quickly with natural remedies. Other conditions, such as auto-immune diseases, can take months and even years to see results.

This is why it is essential that you are compliant with your prescribed treatment as it will determine its success. Be prepared to invest effort, time and money into your health, be flexible and eager to make the necessary changes, especially if you want them to last.


Q. What is your scope of practice as a Naturopath?

Naturopath’s job is to work with you to identify and treat the root cause of your health concerns, and create a personalized treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and helps you achieve your health goals. We take physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual aspects of your life into account to get a full picture of what is going on in terms of your health.

However, we cannot:

  • Diagnose a medical condition (although we can suggest that a particular condition needs to be ruled out by your general practitioner and can write a referral letter to your doctor).
  • Order Medicare covered lab testing (though we do have access to many conventional lab tests through privately billed functional pathologies).
  • Administer vaccines or any other injections.
  • Prescribe primary care medications (eg. antibiotics, birth control pills, blood pressure medications).
  • Perform minor surgery (eg. stitching a wound in-office under local anesthetic).
  • Order imaging (eg. MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound)


Q. Do you abide by any Code of Ethics?

Industry standards and ethics are essential to the growing naturopathic industry in Australia and to its recognition as a viable, efficacious healthcare treatment modality.

I am a full member of a professional association with a strict code of ethics.

My association is the National Herbalists Association of Australia.

NHAA’s Code of Ethics can be viewed here


Q. What if I am taking prescription medications?

You have been prescribed medications by your GP for a reason and you should never cease medication without discussing this with the doctor first. In fact, there are some prescription medications (such as anti-depressants) that should not be ceased suddenly or without the supervision of your general practitioner, as this could be dangerous.

In determining your treatment protocol, all interactions, contraindications and warnings indicated for food, herbal medicine and supplement options will be advised.


Q. Do I need to provide a urine sample at the initial consultation?

Certain In-Clinic Testing is included in the cost of your consultation, and some of the testing requires a urine sample. It is entirely up to you if you would like to undertake the testing.

If you do decide to provide a sample, you will be able to do it during the consultation and I will give you a specimen container. You can also bring a sample with you, which you collect in the comfort of your own home. Specimen containers can be acquired from any pharmacy. Please note that samples must be at room temperature and no older than 1-2 hours.


 Q. What is your policy in relation to responding to phone calls and emails?

Excellent customer service is very important to my business and I value a more personalized relationship with my patients. If the inquiry relates to your latest appointment and only involves a short time commitment from me to respond, I will endeavor to respond to your communication as soon as I can. If however, your email or phone call involves new inquiries, an appointment will be required. If you have many questions to ask me, I suggest you write them all down and we can address them during the next time I see you.


Q.Why do I need to bring pathology test results?

To make the most of your initial consultation and to help me to determine your health status, it is important to have access to your pathology results (if such are available). Pathology tests are a vital tool in assessing your current state of health, the status of your illness as well as your individual biochemistry. It is preferable that you bring results from all tests undertaken in the last 12 months (longer if your condition is ongoing and constantly changing).


Q. What are your payment options?

Payment for consultations, nutrition or herbal supplements can be made using cash, eftpos or credit card. Skype consultations need to be prepaid using direct deposit.

The clinic currently does not have the facility to process payments through HICAPS. You will be provided with a receipt to take to your Health Fund (in some cases you will be able to claim with them online).


Q. Do I need to have appointments indefinitely?

Definitely not! Your treatment protocol will be designed to achieve results in the shortest possible time.

My role as a naturopath is not only provide you with symptomatic relief and treatment for the root cause of your health problem, but to also restore your health condition to point where you become independent of treatment.  I want you to be able to maintain normal health using means such as good food, fresh air, appropriate exercise, sunlight, positive and life-affirming lifestyle choices.

Some patients prefer to see a naturopathy once or twice per year for a general “tune-up” and it can be a wise choice in some situation.


Q. How can I re-order my naturopathic prescription?

If you need to re-order any of your prescriptions, and do not yet require seeing me for a follow-up consultation, you can simply send a request through to me. I will have the products posted to you within a few days or you can pick them up from me (we can discuss these details via email or phone).

It is Blossoming Vitality Natural Health Clinic’s policy that prescriptions must be reviewed at least every 6 months, so if it has been more than that since I last saw you, you will need to come in for a follow-up appointment.


Q.What is your Cancellation Policy?

The clinic has a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Please be mindful of others in allowing them the opportunity to book an appointment should you need to cancel for any reason. Late cancellation fee of $30 may be applied to your account.`


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