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Initial Appointment

In order to make the best of every appointment I spend with you, I ask you to please invest some time filling out the Initial Health Questionnaire (which will be sent to you at the time of booking). This will give me a chance to look into your medical history prior to meeting you and we can spend time filling out the gaps and gather as much detail about your health as possible by the end of the first appointment.

I will advise you what additional testing I will require in order for me to complete the treatment plan and you will receive a referral at the initial appointment.

Any prescribing is kept to a minimum and will usually only be suggested if there are any acute symptoms and relief is required. Also, in-clinic testing  usually takes place at this time.

You will receive your own health file at this appointment. This file will contain all your prescriptions, test results, iridology reports, findings reports and other relevant information that will become your own point of reference and comparison as you are going through your journey to health and recovery.

Please bring to this appointment: any test results or reports as well as all supplements and medications currently taken.


First Follow-up Appointment

This appointment usually takes place 2 weeks after the initial appointment. By this time, I would have all the required information and in most cases your test results, and will be able to prepare a summary of clinical findings to discuss with you. 

Your first treatment plan and prescribed nutraceuticals and herbal remedies will be given to you at this appointment. 


Follow-up Appointment

The purpose of this appointment is to see your progress and to answer any question you may have. Based on your progress and any new symptoms I will, if required, review the treatment protocol and make necessary adjustments to your prescriptions. 

Still not sure or have some questions? Please get in touch by either email on top of the page or using the Contact  page.


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